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Anonymous: In your opinion, what constitutes a well-rounded man in today's society?


Know how to cook three go-to meals. Keep their ingredients on hand.

Kiss her neck.

You require three suits: one blue, one grey, one black.

You are allowed to turn your phone off.

Tip well.

Listen. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk.

Own a grey sweatshirt. Let her wear it.

Make her breakfast in bed.

Know your way around tools, your car, and a bookstore.

Always be reading a book.

Don’t start a fight. Know how to end one.


Remember what you hated about your childhood. Don’t do that to your kids.

Be a mentor.


You don’t have a problem. You have a solution you don’t like.

Be in a hurry to mind your own business.

Send the RSVP.

Say “I’m sorry.”


Well said, sir

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